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Old Pictures

In this website we will upload Old Photos of Algodonales that you send us. If you want to collaborate or participate in this section with some picture you can send it to us to the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you haven’t a digital photo you can contact with the Culture Area of with the Guadalinfo Center of Algodonales to digitalize it. 

To see the photo expanded CLICK on the chosen picture. To go over the photos faster or slower, put the mouse on the pictures in move. Thank you.


1918 fuentebajap
1942 callefuentebaja
1960 algodonalesp
algodo puente lanavap
algodonales 1954 p2
algodonales 1954p
algodonales aire1950p
algodonales antiguaiglesiap
algodonales aos60
algodonales puerta castejon
algodonales puertacasino
antigua algodonales fuente
antigua parada
avda andalucia
calle cabezadas
calle diaz crespo frentediegote
calle ronda
desde virgencita
fatima algodonales
huertas 1950
plaza algodonales
plaza antigua
plaza sin cajaahorros
procesion iglesia
procesion plaza
virgenfatima algod 1950