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Local Development Agency of Algodonales

The Local Agents of Employment Promotion (A.L.P.E.) are workers of the local corporations or entities dependents or linked to a local Administration which has the main purpose to collaborate in the promotion and implementation of the active employment politics related to the creation of business activity.


  1. To inform and communicate the companies and entrepreneurial of Algodonales and La Muela (acting area) about the grants for training and employment called and in force, as well as to ease the access to the same by supporting them in the paperwork and management.
  2. To collaborate in the spread and use of those services and technological developments that the Employment Council of Andalucía Government offers the users – companies and demanders of employment-, for a better attention of the same.
  3. To ease the labor incorporation to the demanding people of employment, specially to the participants in active politics of employment, identifying the needs of stuff in the companies in short and medium term and proposing actions of improvement of employability of the unemployed population of its acting area.
  4. To analyze the evolution and repercussion of the active politics of employment in its acting area, easing the required information by the Andalucía Government.
  5. To cooperate with the rest of ALPE’s which work in Sierra de Cádiz in the continuous improvement of the quality of its service, interchanging experiences and knowledge, as well as developing together activities and projects.

In its goal to contribute with the socioeconomic development of the territory, the Employment Agents will develop the following functions:

  1. Prospection of idle or underused resources, of business projects of local economic promotion and innovative initiatives or the employment creation in the local field, identifying new economic activities and possible entrepreneurs.
  2. To spread and stimulate the potential opportunities of activity creation for the unemployed, promoters and entrepreneurs, as well as for collaborative institutions.
  3. Technical company in the initiation of business projects for its consolidation in generating companies of new job positions, advising and informing about technical, economic and financial viability and, in general, about the companies’ launching plans.
  4. Any other that contribute to guarantee the execution of the planned actions in the Order of the Employment Council of the Andalucía Government and that regulates them.


Development Technician of Algodonales City Council: Antonio Pérez Orozco

Address: Development Office of Algodonales City Council

Calle El Bosque nº 6

Telephone: 956137003

Fax. 956137037

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PC 11680 Algodonales (Cádiz)