Mayor of Algodonales

Jose María Gómez Martínez (PSOE)

Government Commision

Delegated Councils

Number of Councils that form the Municipal Plennary Session

13 Councils: 7 PSOE

                     3 PP
                      3 IU

Secretary-Intervention Algodonales City Council

Fernando I. Ambrosy Jiménez 

CIF of Algodonales City Hall


Address City Hall

Avd de Andalucía 2

Telephone. 956137003 / 956137262 / 956137206

Fax. 956137037

Diagram of the Main Services of the City Council

  • Secretary-Intervention
  • Treasury
  • Administration
  1. General Register
  2. Municipal Register of Inhabitants and Census of Inhabitants.
  3. General certifications: registration of residency, cohabitation, goods…
  4. Cadastral Information related to Certificates.
  5. Administrative Concession of niches.
  6. Notifications and spread of municipal information.
  7. License and works application


  • Urbanism Area
  1. License and Informs of constructions.
  2. Realization of Project and Municipal constructions.
  3. Information and Citizens services related to the Ordinance Plan of the township.


  • Developing Area
  1. Information and Counsel for entrepreneurial.
  2. Processing of subsidies related to the employment and local development.
  3. Realization of Training Projects and Employment (Workshop-Schools, Employment Workshops, Professional Training courses (FPO)…


  • Culture Area
  1. Realization of cultural Activities.
  2. School of Music.
  3. School of Dance.
  4. Municipal Workshops.
  5. Historical Reenactment 2nd
  6. Festivities and Cultural Events…


  • Environmental Area
  1. Creation and Improvement of children’s playgrounds.
  2. Parks and Gardens.
  3. Road Cleaning.
  4. Household Waste Recycling Centre
  5. Urban Solid Residues Management
  6. Sierra de Lijar Tracks


  • Sports Area
  1. Realization and Promotion of Sports Events
  2. Sports Schools (Athletics, Football, Tennis, Basketball, Sumer swimming pool…)
  3. Management and Coordination of Municipal Sports Facilities.
  4. Invigoration of sports in the different sectors of the population.


  • Social Affairs Area
  1. Processing of the Disability Law.
  2. Economic Grants and Social Wages.
  3. Home help service
  4. Scholar absenteeism.
  5. Support to broken homes


  • Security
  1. Municipal Police.
  2. Civic Protection.


  • Guadalinfo
  1. Access to the Internet.
  2. Spread of new technologies.